Since 2014, Babyboom Brasil has developped marketing and communication tools that are aimed at consumers at key moments of change in consuming habits. We tend to offer quality content always validated by specialists and health professionals. For more than 35 years, the Babyboom Group has internationally set partnerships and actions with the largest companies from the childhood sector. Through its many communication media, distribution of samples, information guides, newsletters, data base and website, Babyboom offers a 360° vision of the consumer.



In 2016, M6COM joined the N2COM family and brought the brand Babyboom to the Mexican territory, with the help of its associates dedicated to distributing medical equipment and hospital management at the national level, for more than 25 years. M6COM aims at distributing Babyboom packs to more than 500,000 pregnant women and young Mexican families in the coming 3 years and accompany them in their newborns’ development process.


Founded in 1982, N2COM quickly became a key communication player in the early childhood sector and reached the top by becoming undoubtedly, the largest baby group in Europe and a great presence in Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, Ukraine and Switzerland. After divesting of its foreign operations, N2COM initially concentrated on its activities in Belgium and the deployment of Dieteo activities, following the same approach as Babyboom. A few years ago, N2COM also started focusing on the promising Latin American markets.


Taking advantage of 25 years of experience in the medical world and in hospitals with its sister company Solo Importación, ARG2COM has rapidly become a key media actor for all the companies that wish to communicate with future and young parents. ARG2COM has joined the group Babyboom recently. Thanks to Babyboom’s international recognition along with the excellent reputation of its sister company in Argentina,  ARG2COM is largely acknowledged for its seriousness in the hospital sector as well as for the advertisers.


Since 2013, Hospital Express has actively participated to the medical industry delivering specific products and equipment for surgery, to various hospitals and clinics in the whole country. Hospital Express takes advantage of the experience of its executives who have worked for more than 18 years in the medical area. In July 2017, Hospital Express has become the exclusive representative of Babyboom for Chile, taking advantage of the experience of the parent company in Europe, committing themselves to reaching thousands of mothers and babies, using important information and guides, in collaboration with health centers and local businesses, and participating in the process of integrating a new member to the family.